Why Mobile Development is Critical

If you’re caught up in the exciting process of creating a website, then it’s absolutely essential to stop and consider what sort of devices your site will be used on. Many business owners and website developers can be guilty of prioritising the desktop when they’re developing a website, and treating mobile phones as a secondary use case, or not considering them at all. However, recent web usage statistics would suggest that this approach is a folly at best, and could even do significant damage to your website’s ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing.

The major search engines have taken many steps in recent months that emphasise the importance of mobile in their overall strategy. For example, Google now uses what it calls a mobile-first index to compile search results regardless of the type of device that is being used. This means that developing a mobile-friendly website is absolutely vital, even if you don’t expect any of the traffic to your website to come from this device. Google has coupled this change with its broader site speed update. This update means that the speed at which your website loads, in particular on mobile devices, is now taken into account alongside the content of your page and your inbound links when Google is deciding where your site should sit in its search results. Again, this is another reason why all website developers should consider the importance of the overall mobile experience when they’re developing a website for their clients.

Whatever type of site you’re building, and whatever audience you believe your website will have, it would be foolhardy not to consider the mobile version of it. You can always add a responsive design when you’re building your site. Getting things right now could save significant problems further down the line.