What’s New in the World of SEO?

The way that website owners have to optimise their websites for major search engines has changed significantly recently. However, no matter how many changes Google chooses to make, there is no doubt that SEO will remain a crucially important factor when building and designing websites. What is important is that you keep up with the changes that Google and the other search engines are constantly making to their algorithms and ensure that any content you’re putting together is fully compliant with their guidelines.

This means avoiding the type of black hat SEO techniques that have got some websites into serious trouble in the past. Google is no longer turning a blind eye to websites that choose to engage in these practices.

Some of the previously common SEO techniques that Google has now decided to crack down on include placing spammy links on websites across the Internet and overusing the search term that you would like your website to appear for in the website’s anchor text. Not only has the search giant made significant changes to its search algorithms to ensure that these techniques are no longer effective, but it has also started to punish websites that choose to use such outdated techniques.

This means that a website that uses these outdated strategies may see initial success and climb the Google rankings very quickly. However, that success will almost certainly be very short lived and most websites that enjoy it will find themselves falling off Google’s index altogether within a very short period of time.

It’s far better in the long term to take an honest approach and fill your site with quality content that web users will actually find useful. That way, you won’t be building a house on sand and will have a business model that is safe from SEO changes.