If you’re searching for a company that can provide you with website design in Ireland, then it’s absolutely essential to stop and consider whether the company you have chosen will build you a website that is mobile responsive.

Mobile responsive is the technical term for a website that works well on all screen sizes. A mobile responsive website will look just as good on a desktop computer with a giant screen as it does on a tablet PC or smartphone. On the other hand, if you don’t build a responsive website, mobile users (who make up over 50% of internet traffic nowadays) will be faced with a slow and difficult experience when they try to log on to your website.

It’s actually worse than that, Google has now announced that it will be checking to make sure if the websites that it indexes work well on mobile phones. If they don’t, they will appear lower down in the company’s search results. This means that you have to consider whether your website is mobile friendly or not, even if you are convinced that the majority of traffic to your website will come from people using desktop computers,

Above all, a mobile friendly design will help your website to remain future-proof. Even if it is currently the case that the majority (or even almost all) of your traffic comes from desktop PCs, that is unlikely to remain the case in the long term. The whole world is going mobile and people expect to be able to look at websites and make full use of them, regardless of the type of computer or phone that they are using. If your website isn’t ready for this upcoming change in the way people use computers, then you run the risk of losing a significant amount of business in the future.