Internet domain authorities in different countries take varying approaches when it comes to deciding who can register domains there. Unfortunately, for those outside the country that want to operate a domain there, the Irish authorities have chosen a relatively strict interpretation of the rules. This means that anybody hoping to register a .ie domain must be able to demonstrate some sort of association with or a desire to operate a business in one of the 32 counties that make up the island of Ireland. If you own a business based abroad that is hoping to move into Ireland for the first time, this can be a fairly difficult hurdle to clear if you don’t go about it in the right way. Fortunately, it is likely that you actually have several options at hand in order to get hold of the domain that you need to operate your business.

The first option is to choose someone already in Ireland who will be helping you to operate your business to make the registration on your behalf. This is by far the easiest choice and if this set of circumstances applies to your business then it’s probably the one that you should choose. If you have an Irish resident working for your business or on your project then you’ve already done the hard work required to get your domain.

The second choice is to buy an existing business with a connection to the island of Ireland or find someone there who is willing to perform the transaction on your behalf. The latter option can become tricky, and it’s well worth exploring some of the other options before making the decision to go down this path.

Hopefully, one of the options above will be suitable for you and you’ll be well on your way to get the domain you need.