Choosing the right web hosting service

The services that web hosting providers offer to their clients have changed significantly in recent years. Whereas it was once sufficient to simply offer a small amount of space on a server and leave your client to get on with hand coding a website with HTML, the modern website developer will demand substantially more from their hosting company.

Even fairly basic websites nowadays will require a database. Content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla have become very popular in recent years and both require a database in order to run effectively. However, rather than pushing up the cost of hosting, this has simply led to basic hosting packages, offering significantly more options. Databases and PHP support, which used to be found in the premium tier of most packages have quickly found their way to the entry level agreements.

The main alternative to these types of agreements now comes from fully integrated hosting operations. These websites offer a WYSIWIG interface with which a user can design their website, and then include the hosting in the monthly fee that they charge to use the interface. However, many of these sites are not really suitable for long-term use by businesses as they lock users in to using their platform in the long run, something which can make it difficult to move to a larger and more suitable service provider as a company grows and its needs change.

Overall, companies looking for flexibility regarding the growth and scale of their business are generally best advised to look at a standard hosting solution and build their website using a common CMS. This will make it easy to keep the website up to date and to find development support as the years go by. Choosing a standard platform makes it much less likely that your site will become obsolete.